A 22-inch King Kong Armature From The Epic Film Sells For $200,305

The big and ugly King Kong still manages to strike a chord with us with his purity of heart and sheer innocence. We are not talking movies here, if you are starting to think of this post as a film review. Well, it is the memorabilia of the 1933 King Kong film (perhaps, the original one) that had caught everyone’s attention at the Christie’s South Kensigton auction that we are actually going to talk about here.

Well, the famous auction house had put the original armature from the epic King Kong film’s final scenes for sale. And lo and behold! The struture went for a huge figure of $200,305.
The metal armature is not very big at 22 inches in height. Imagine this was used to terrorize the city of New York and climb the Emore State Building. Wow, for the wonders of film making! The auction in reference also sold Marilyn Monroe’s black silk evening dress for $15,488 and Daniel Craig’s sunglasses from the James Bond film ‘Quantam of Solace’ at $1,961. In fact, all the sales realised an impressive sum total of $858,153.

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