Travel Smart with the Luggage Locator from Things You Never Existed

Waiting at the baggage carousel at the airport after a tiring and boring flight is the last thing you would want to do. Worse still is when you cannot identify your baggage easily and you miss it the first time or you pick up the wrong one that belongs to somebody else. Imagine the look on the face of the actual owner who is likely to mistake you as a thief (at least for the moment).

To help you get away from this nuisance and identify your baggage easily, “Things You Never Existed” brings to you ‘Luggage Locator’. It comes with a remote and when you press the button, the locator on your bag automatically lights up by flashing those 6 LEDs. What is even better is that you can record a message and it plays for 30 seconds continuously, which can be heard from 45 feet away.

This smart luggage locator is available for $14.98. It’s a tad too expensive but nevertheless, it’s worth it. At least you will be assured of identifying your baggage easily everywhere and not just at the airport. This is quite an interesting product. I am getting one for myself right away.

Via: ThingsYouNeverKnew

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