LV’s Damien Hirst Ensures Your Entourage Travels In A Helluva Style

Louis Vuitton has always stood by its belief in offering a luxurious way of life to its loyalists even when they are on the go. We are talking stylish luggage that is always appreciated by the discerning traveler. And one thing good about LV is that it is constantly working to improve its past products to give you the best in the market today. It was just yesterday that we were telling you about the LV Dog carrier by Marc Jacobs. Well, here is yet another item from the sameĀ ā€œMaĆ®tres du Savoir-Faireā€ collection for Red Cross. It is called the 95 Secretaire special case and it bears the thumbprint (figuratively, so) of its creator Damien Hirst.

We are told that the inspiration for this rather grand luggage case came from the movie Dead Ringers. Apparently, the rather shiny display of stainless steel surgical instruments caught Hirst’s attention.
As a result, the 95 Secretaire Special ase bear the iconic skull impressions that belong to all Hirst products. There are two silver skulls encrusted on the inside of the lids as well. Black leather has been used to craft the exterior while the inside has a dark blue velvet lining bearing a beautiful butterfly print. Custom pieces also available.

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hirst_95 secretaire special case

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