Beautiful Handmade Wooden Mice by AlestRukov, a Russian Famous Designer

AlestRukov, a Russian famous designer has created amazing computer mice made from exotic woods from beautiful places like Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Sri Lanka. The rationale behind designing these mice is to extract maximum benefits and use out of natural materials and also extend their longetivity as well. The mice come with a warranty of 5 years and they can be upgraded to extend the service.

The mice are naturally eco-friendly products as they are made of pure cultivable woods for industrial purposes. The mice look ultra classy as they are well sanded and well polished. The shiny finishing touch is given by using linseed oil and carnuba wax. Each of the mice comes with an optical resolution of 1600 dpi, and microswitches rated for over 1 million clicks.

Interestingly, the mice also have a sound-wheel control by which you can adjust your system’s volume according to your likes. These snazzy handmade wooden mice are available in Bubinga, Makor, Sapele, and Ebony woods. The price tag ranges anywhere between €668 and €859 ($996 and $1281 USD). Now this is really too expensive to invest in some mice. Well, good things do not come with cheap price tags.

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  • So – the Man with the Golden Gun has now got a wooden mouse?
    I have seen fine examples of exquisite carving from India, selling relatively cheaply. More elephants than mice, tho, admittedly.

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