Shake N Wake Alarm Clock Will Give You A Buzz

It was decided many alien centuries ago when my lifestory was being writ by a bored and sleepy angel that alarm clocks and I would never be able to become good friends. This annoying little typo (or call it what you wish) means that I never reach anywhere on time. It’s not really the clocks that I hate but the irritating noise that they make.

If you are my soul twin on some deranged level and absolutely feel the need for an alarm clock that can alert you without killing about a thousand of your brain cells then the Shake N Wake Alarm Clock would be perfect for you. This clock can be strapped onto your wrist and instead of annoying tring-trings it sends gentle vibrations at the witching hour. The vibrations are strong enough for this to be placed under your pillow or close by and still alert you. for those who wish to be woken or alerted with sound, the clock allows you to switch to a beep mode.

The vibration feature of the clock makes it a nice gadget for those who have difficulty hearing, making this an especially handy alarm clock for the elderly. The LED display makes for easy reading even in the dark. So, who wants to be the first to get the Shake N Wake for 15 pounds?

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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