SEBO Felix Vaccum Cleaner: Recommended By the White House!

Those of us who mimic the rich and famous in pretty much everything seem to forget something very important: housecleaning. Sure, cleaning the house isn’t as fancy as going to the Hilton for dinner but, let’s face it, even the rich do get their homes cleaned and they have it done with much style so why shouldn’t we?

SEBO vaccum cleaners are known in the most famous of all homes, starting with the White House, and I’m guessing that even the Desperate housewives use a SEBO vaccum cleaner to clean up the mess after they are done shattering someone’s dreams. The SEBO Felix is designed specially to be used with both wooden floors and carpeting. Its advanced sealed filtration system sucks in the most minute of dust particles, which means it can even be used by your elederly butler suffering from asthma and whatnot.

The lightweight Felix can easily be carried around the house and the sttachment devices make it easy to reach the most difficult of spaces. Available in 3 models (Classic, Fun, and Ice Blue) ranging from $450 to $800 and with 5 year warranty, I can easily envision Eva Longoria holding this while hatching some evil plan (and just plain looking sexy).

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