iPhone Ocarina Or The iPhone Sax?!

The ocarinas are flute-like musical instruments from thousands of years ago and the Chinese and the Mayans still fight over which tribe designed and made music over the first ocarina. Perhaps, we’ll never find that out but we do know that the present day ocarina was designed by a gentleman from Italy. Still, no youngster would know what the hell an ocarina is if it wasn’t for the Legend of Zelda.

The ocarina increased in demand after the duck-shaped musical instrument found its way into the Nintendo game and suddenly all the game obsessed youth started hankering to own one. It’s no wonder then that the ocarina has surfaced yet again, and this time it is certainly not in the virtual world. The iPhone Ocarina, as it is being called at the moment since no one is sure of its actual title, appear to be an ocarina made out of 3 iPhones. Instead of holes, as you would find on a traditional ocarina, this strange instrument shows eight buttons that would control the pitch.

There isn’t much information about this strange gadget except for the fact that it made its first appearance at the MAKE Japan  meet. Then again, others claim that this isn’t an ocarina but is the iPhone Sax made by Junpei Wada. Ah, who do we believe?

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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