USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup Makes Your Life Easy

When you are working on the computer, you would always want something hot to drink. However, it is so cold during the winter that within seconds the coffee or the tea gets really cold. It can be a frustrating experience for most of us. However, geeks are always at help, and the nerds at Brando have unveiled the cool USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup which costs $37.

It can be connected to the USB and it keeps your drink at 40 degrees centigrade always. You would not only be able to drink hot beverages but you could also drink it always at a constant temperature. You can pre order it for December and spend hours by the computer drinking hot coffee always. You do not even need a stirrer as it comes with an inbuilt lid and a rechargeable battery and works as a Whirl Wind cup.

It means it stirs by itself. It is an amazing gadget that I would recommend to everyone who loves coffee. Thanks to such geeky gadgets, we can expect our future lives to be quite luxurious and comfortable. After all, science does make our lives easy and comfortable and the geeks can always wrack their brains to make it easy for us.

Via: Red Ferret

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