Michael Jackson’s Glove Makes History With It’s Huge Price Tag

And when we had started to think that probably all his famous gloves have been sold, yet another one pops up from out of the blue and creates headline. No prizes for guessing that its legend Michael Jackson and his trademark fashion accessory that we are talking about here. Apparently, this shimmering white glove (yep, there is only one) was worn by MJ at the premiere of his trademark moonwalk dance way back in 1983. This little fame feat of its cost the highest bidder Hoffman Ma of Hong Kong some $420,000 bucks!

The glove is a modified golf glove studded with rhinestones all over. Jackson wore it on his left hand during the Motown’s 25th anniversary TV special. In fact, this one was the top item among the singer’s other stuff at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

Even after spending such a fortune, Ma is a happy man and finds the deal “a fairly good discount”. Well, such is the charisma of the great popstar who even in his death continues to have die-hards, who are willing to go to any length only to keep his memory alive. By the way, the auction also featured one of Jacko’s jackets from his 1989 ‘Bad’ tour that fetched $225,000.

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