Pirueta Tables by Piey Inspired by Mexican Wooden Toys

Mexico is the land of tequila, hunks and exotic fables. Thanks to centuries of colonization and thousands of years of ancient civilizations, the country is uniquely colourful and you cannot but admire the exoticism of the nation. Mexico is also known for colourful toys which kids from all over the world love.

If you are an adult who never got to play with Mexican toys, you must perhaps at least get this colourful Mexico-inspired tables which have been created by Piey. Piey has teamed up with Mexican artists to create these colourful tables which are way beyond ordinary. In fact, along with these colourful tables, you must also get some cool artefacts from Mexico so that your living space is fit for all the charming senors and amigos.

These colourful stripes which you can see on the tables are characteristic of the wooden toys that are manufactured in Mexico. I would say, get these tables and get a piece of Mexico into your living room. It is not just the travels that make you a changed person; you must also get artefacts and furnishings from all teh countries you visit. If you can’t visit, order online! I am even gonna rob you if you have these Pirueta tables by Piey!

Via: Design Milk

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