Bronze Light Horse Soldier by Alan Somerville for $15,500

Wars have always taken lives of many innocent men, women and children. The instruments of wars have always been men too, and these foot soldiers and the cavaliers or the horse riders bore the brunt of violence more than the civilians. During the World War I most men sent to fight wars died almost within a week of joining the army in the trenches. Many Australians too fought in the war, and thousands of Australian youth were sent to European trenches where they died within weeks of arrival.

The novel “Fly Away Peter” is a tale that follows the life of Jim, an ornithologist who goes to fight in the World War I in France. He dies. Alan Somerville is an Australian sculptor who has created the Light Horse Soldier sculpture in bronze. These horsemen from Australia fought in the Middle East as well, where they died of exhaustion and violence.

This sculpture reminds you of the futility of war and he thousands of innocent men who died in the name of valour and patriotism. Unfortunately, they were all pawns under corrupt lieutenants and politicians who waged wars insanely for no reason and sacrificed the lives of millions of young soldiers. You could buy the Bronze Light Horse Soldier for $15,500.

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