Seasons Cooktop Ventware Brings Back Color Into Our Kitchens

The modern kitchen concept almost took all the color form our lives what with the plain white, cremes and the grays donning up our cooking areas as well as the rest of the home along with the monotone black. Well, RKS’ newest concept Seasons Cooktop Ventware is all set to revolutionise your kitchen with some stylish ware that will bring the much needed color back into your lives.

The concept involves a very stylish touch that features a modular ceramic face and filter which are roughly the size of dinner plates. Put them up anywhere in your kitchen and attract the zillion compliments that are sure to come your way for such out of the box thinking. All this happens without really burning a hole in your pocket.

The design is retractable and aims to add a hi-tech quotient too. This way the sense of the ‘modern’ remains intact without the fear of cluttering. Plus the modular design makes it very dishwasher friendly. It is easy to clean and maintain. So far, the Seasons Cooktop Ventware is just a concept but we see no reason why it should not be a reality soon.

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