Lady Gaga’s Piano Auctioned Off for $450,000

Lady Gaga is known for her quirky behaviour and androgynous lifestyle. She is a gay icon and wants to be the next Carmen Miranda. However, she isn’t all that great and just because she is rainbow friendly doesn’t mean I m going to like her more than other talented icons such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue. She recently performed on a Damien Hirst-painted piano at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles.

They celebrated their 30th Anniversary and some of the attendees included Pharrell Williams and Japanese superflat master Takashi Murukami. The piano which Lady Gaga used was auctioned off for $450,000. I am sure there are many fans of Lady Gaga who would like her for her infantile music and quirks that seem barely campy though she tries hard to be so.

She is also one of the best selling artists these days but paying $450,000 for a piano that she played on is simply too much to believe. It should not sound like a rant but Lady Gaga could learn a thing or two from Madonna and make better music. However, there would be many who would disagree with me and these are just the opinions of one blogger. It should not matter much.

Via: Hype Beast

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