Kindle Case in Genuine Leather Comes with LED Lights

We have all understood how cool and elegant the Kindle actually is. It reduces the reliance on paper and makes you a clean and green person. Most importantly, it opens door to a wide selection of books and magazines thanks to the collection on Amazon.

Amazon literally changed the way we perceive “books”. Now, if you are missing the leathery hard bind of old books, here is a cool Case-Mate which recreates the Old English book style with a genuine leather case. It even comes with an LED powered light so that you can read at night easily without having to use a table lamp. The Case-Mate has called their Kindle II case Enlighten. The Enlighten would be available from December onwards.

Unfortunately, it increases the size of the sleek and thin Kindle and might make you feel you are carrying a bulky book from the library. It is a perfect gift for anyone who is expecting a Christmas gift from you. It is still cool and looks good, protects you kindle and the extra weight and baggage can be ignored for a while till they design something sleeker and slimmer.

Via: Culture Shoq

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