Dancepants Kinetic Music Player Allows You to Listen to Music as Long as You run

Inesa Malafej and Arunas Sukarevicius from Lithuania must love music and have a great body. The designers must love their musk so much that they can’t stop listening to music while running or working out. They have lunched the cool Dancepants Kinetic Music Player which generates electricity when you run which is in turn used by the mp3 player.

So long as you are running, you will have the mp3 player playing. If you stop running you may end up not being able to listen to music. It is an amazing idea I must say. When you are in the park, you could jog for many minutes and listen to your favourite music all along. Just make sure you hear if someone is calling out your name from behind. The MP3 player can be easily kept in your pockets.


The kinetic energy is converted from your feet when you are running and that electricity helps you to listen to music. I somehow don’t get the idea of this product as the music would stop once you stop running. What if you had to stop for a minute to catch breath and would not like to the music to stop playing? I guess you need to carry an iPod as well. So much for going green!

Via: Design Boom

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