Buy a Mansion in Cote D’Azure for $102 Million

Cote D’Azure is the world’s most luxurious strip of coast in Southern France and Monte Carlo. The blue waters, the sunny skies and the decadence make it the right place to build your mansion and relax for a lifetime. It also is one of the most expensive real estate areas in the world. Villa Leopolda was the world’s most expensive estate at a price of $750 million. Now, the price has been slashed and you could buy it for a mere $102 million.

A drop of nearly $650 million makes it one of the biggest cuts in real estate prices in the world. The villa comes with 11-bedroom, 14-bathroom, 29,000 square feet of interior space, manicured lawns, swimming pool, spiralling outdoor staircases, balconies and terraces, Working fireplaces, a sauna, outdoor kitchen and pool house among other features.

It is now the world’s 4th most expensive estate and it is still no way cheap if you asked me. If you have that kind of money, I would say buy yourself an Island off the Scottish coast and another near Tahiti. When you need sun and the sand, you could visit Tahiti and when you need gloom and snow, you could go to Scotland. You would still be left with many millions to buy an apartment in Monaco. Why waste on a single expensive mansion?

Via: Luxist

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