BMW Lovos Come with Solar Cell Scales

I had never wanted a car that looked ordinary and dull. I always wanted something that was out of the ordinary and something that stood out from the rest. At the same, I am very particular about cars that save energy and that which are not gulping down gallons of crude oil.

If this is how you think as well, you might like the concept BMW Lovos (Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity) which has been the work of BMW and Anne Forschner, a student at the German Pforzheim University. The concept comes with scale shaped solar panels that make your car look like a futuristic dinosaur and also see all the reflective solar light and convert that into energy.


The scales can be opened and closed just like fish scales and you could expect the car to look really cool. I would so love to get a piece of this car, only if it is manufactured in real. Most of the times, great cars are never available in the market because most of them end up being just concepts without ever seeing the light of the day. If you would like to drive a car like this, I would say you will have to mod an existing car with solar panels that look like scales.


Via: Design Year Book

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