X-Flex: Wallpaper that is stronger that your wall!

Wallpapers give our rooms a very unique personality and we all love to go around and experiment with the various themes available. But how would you like to bring home wallpaper that is much stronger than your wall itself? As unbelievable as that sounds Berry Plastics, in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has managed to design X-Flex, a wallpaper that will hold your home together even when hit by blast waves of an explosion. Perfect for war situations, protection, reinforcement and dangers presented by a world in which terrorism is spreading its ugly wings X-Flex acts as a mesh that will prevent the walls from collapsing.

X-Flex is so easy to use that one needs to just peel off the wallpaper’s sticky backing, apply the rollable sheets to the inside of brick or cinder-block walls, and reinforce it with fasteners at the edges. The added bonus of this technology is that you ca actually do all this and protect your home in matter of an hour. The technology is such a success that US forces are now thinking of lining their bases in Afghanistan and Iraq with the X-Flex.

Berry Plastics is promising a consumer version of the technology in the near future and when it does hit the stores expect many to line up for a trial. Its makers are even trying out a fabric version of the strong X-Flex… Now that would be real cool indeed!



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