Milky Way Alarm Clock by Swedish Designer Henrik Amberla Looks Awesome

Swedish designer Henrik Amberla is known for many things and most importantly it is his Milky Way alarm clock that walks away with all the trophies. Thanks to the turning motion, it triggers a snooze function and the other way around makes it turn on the alarm function or set the time.

It comes with an extremely smooth and sleek look and when you wonder why it has been named the Milky Way, the design makes it pretty apparent. It reflects the duality of life and also of the day. The day beginning to change into a night and the night turning into day is reflective of the way the Milky Way behaves too. With a design that mimics the Milky Way, you can even use the Milky Way Alarm Clock to encourage your space voyage dreams that may take you far beyond our solar system.


There is no information about the price or availability but I must say it is a pretty cool design and when it is available a lot of people would love to buy it. I am wondering if it should also come in other colours apart from the eponymous milky colour. It would be interesting to see a black Milky Way alarm clock. Wouldn’t it be?

Via: The Design Blog

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