LightSleeper Helps Fall Asleep In Minutes; No More Counting Sheep!

If you’re like most everyone else then you have probably come home from college or work after such a hard day and looking forward only to getting a good night’s sleep before having to get back in the rat race the next day, and then found you couldn’t sleep. Or you probably find yourself waking up from your sleeping in a couple hours, not half as rested as you ought to be.

So, what do you do? Popping those Valium pills won’t help any, not when you need a more permanent solution. The LightSleeper, designed by Kate Evans, started out as a student project while Kate was in college and having trouble falling asleep. The interesting device projects a light onto the ceiling of the user and following the light’s circular motion across the ceiling purportedly induces sleep. Apparently, falling asleep by tracking the movement of the light would only take a few minutes.

The reason why the Lightsleeper works is that the simple action of tracking the moving light relaxes the mind and this is necessary for the individual to fall asleep. This is like having your very own hypnotist and only just for 125 pounds!

Via: LightSleeper

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