Hexatech: A £120,000 F1 Simulator to set your pulse racing!

What is astonishing about this beauty is not the realism that it brings to your driving or even the pin point accuracy with which it mimics actual F1 driving parameters but the fact that it can even duplicate the G-force that real-time drivers experience inside the cockpit. Sporting three 42 inch screens or stereo projectors to wrap the image around the user, the Hexatech occupies 2.3m x 3m x 3m of space.

Let us be very clear with this at the very beginning; the Hexatech is by no means a glorified video game. This £120,000 Formula1 simulator designed by Cruden provides those riding in its cockpit with what the company calls as ‘Six Degrees of Freedom’ (6DOF).

Coming with a 3 seat setup the software inside this astonishing piece of racing technology is both accurate and meticulous when it comes to giving you the exact same as what you get in an F1 race sand the danger of crashing and breaking your bones. Designed to probably test up and coming drivers before hiring them and putting the steering of a million dollar car in their hands the Hexatech should help both the drivers to improve their skills and owners by saving cash. Now only if we could get a test drive in this stationary speed demon!


Hexatech simulator

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