$55,000 Ping Pong Table By Rirkrit Tiravanija Is Exceptionally Beautiful!

Ping pong isn’t a very strenuous sport but the English aristocrats who invented it made it a most stylish one. Whether you play a game of ping pong at the dinner table for amusement or at a real table for the sheer joy of winning over a component, table tennis has come a long way as a much admired sport.

Somewhere along the way, though, table tennis lost much of its appeal as a sport but all that is going to change when people lay their eyes on the chrome ping pong table. Designed by Buenos Aires- born contemporary artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, the ping pong table carries all the allure of style, luxury and the raw call of the sport itself. Designed for Nathalie Karg’s Cumulus Studio, the ping pong table is mirror polished in stainless and only 10 units of the limited edition collection would be made.

Rirkrit is known for using the theme of socialization in almost all of his art pieces and this is perhaps apparent in the way that the reflective surface of the table makes one feel as though everyone and everything is imbibed into one solid mass. Each unit of the table costs $55,000.

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  • Ridiculous in that no thought has been put into its playing surface. You cannot play on glare. All good tables have an anti glare surface. Solid one peice black marble would have been a much better choice for a top.

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