Zip at 12 Miles an Hour with Cool Rider

The rider is somewhat a cross between a skateboard and a bicycle. Yet, it is so efficient it could eliminate the need for use of bikes and four-wheelers for short distance travel. The deceptively simple looking cool pulley vehicle allows a person to ride on its board or disconnect the board and be pulled while the person is on skates, skateboard, etc.

Its engine can gain a speed up to 12 miles per hour and it provides an hour of runtime per charge. To charge the pulley vehicle, you need to remove the battery from the base and plug it into a wall outlet.

The `vehicle’ can be parked in an upright position unlike conventional bicycles and skateboards. The good part of Cool Rider is its sleek and stylish look despite the extremely functional design for conveyance. You can own the vehicle for $ 1250, which is hardly a fraction of Segway. You pay no sales tax on the trendy bicycle-skater but if you want to ship it, shell out another $ 50. Cool Rider comes with a one year warranty and a 30 day return period. Use it as a fancy toy or that weekend excuse to game it out. It can help you ride to the nearest grocer’s too.

Cool Rider

Cool Rider

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