Fragrance by Alexa Lixfeld: Essence sealed by concrete!

If you have a real exclusive and rare fragrance of perfume then sure as hell you would want it to be sealed tightly and kept safely so that you can unleash its pulsating delights as and when you require them. Well, we do not know exactly how good Alexa Lixfeld’s latest line of perfumes is, but they are sealed safely enough to ensure that nothing escapes from the bottle.

Hailing from Hamburg designer Alexa Lixfeld has designed a range of perfume bottles with concrete tops and they seem solid enough to knock someone out cold with one hard hit.

Not that it is bad to have a perfume bottle in your bag with a concrete top. If anyone ever crosses the line or comes too close to comfort, then reach in and swing with your might! Of course, you will also have to carry around all that weight as well!

Coming to the essence part though, Fragrance comes in three different flavors with FRA EDP 003 binging out strong oriental touch along with a dash of Rosmarine, FRA EDP 002 bringing you the sensuous Indian Sandalwood and FRA EDP 001 bottling the scent of cool Lilies and Jasmines that take you back to the gorgeous valley’s of Europe.


When it comes to Alexa Lixfeld’s collection, if the fragrance does not get you, then the concrete top will surely score home!


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