The Evolution of Flora: A Kinetic Steel Sculpture for $17,000

Jason Stillman is one of those sculptors who take sculpting to a new level. While many of his works are already on display at many places, he has designed an amazing Kinetic Steel Sculpture titled “The Evolution of Flora”. It is right now installed at Performance Arts Center in downtown Colorado Springs and would be available for purchase for $17,000. This large steel fabricated sculpture stands 10-11 feet tall and measures 5-6 feet in width.

It comes with multiple moving parts and the flowers and the leaves flutter in breeze. Using a stain lacquer called Permalac, it can be used as an indoor or an outdoor sculpture. Just two coatings of this amazing lacquer are enough to withstand even extreme weather conditions for about 10 years. The Evolution of Flora allows the viewer and art enthusiast to appreciate the evolution of plants and flowers which are largely ignored by people.

There have been many sculptures about human and animal development and evolution, but rarely about flora. This sculpture brings the importance of plants to the subject of serious art study. Perhaps it is time to invest money in serious art than on boring luxury products that are featured everyday on hundreds of luxury blogs.

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  • In regards to the clear paint finish lasting 10 years outdoors in harsh conditions, this just is not going to happen with moving parts rubbing against each other, unless those pieces are stainless steel. Even if so, Permalac is great stuff, but the slightest scratch in the finish, and that spot will start rusting and the rust will bloom out under clear finish. I imagine in a year or two, the whole thing would need to be stripped and refinished. It’s a cool piece, but I’d only place it indoors, or possibly outdoors in a shaded dry desert setting where it won;t get much abuse from the public.

  • With regard to the previous comments: All of these concerns, and many others, have been discussed and advised on by professional consultants and the manufacturers of this, and other products used, and have all been addressed. All interested parties are more than welcome to contact me for any additional information.

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