Shane Crozier Designs Chic Net Phone

Most people use cellphones just for receiving and making calls. It is quite common to see people getting flustered with all the unwanted features which could actually be enjoyed better on the laptop or with a camera. The 31337 (Elite) Net Phone has thus been designed by Shane Crozier and it brings the social networking lifestyle to the real life.

Cutting down on many unwanted features such as camera, speakerphone, music, video and internet functionality, the 31337 adds contacts by linking to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It takes all the data from there and comes with 2 minimal buttons and 2 dial interface. It also comes with a scrolling interface. Now all I would want in this is texting facility as most people use cellphones to send SMS.

While it is great to see a gadget that comes with minimal features, it would be great to see something that does not strip a gadget off some of the most important features. For example, a cellphone is most importantly used to send text messages. Internet and camera on a cellphone aren’t bad ideas either. Hence, I would say this gadget looks amazing but lacks most features I would want on a cellphone.



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