Guardian Angel: Uber-expensive Dagger for $36,000

Daggers were usually used by princes in the Orient where there was always a threat to one’s life. Daggers were also used by peasants, the poor and the bandits. However, the royals carried daggers that were studded with diamonds and that which were made of gold and platinum.

While most of these royal weapons are now kept in museums across the world, you might feel the need to protect your life too, in a medieval and ancient way and scare the crap outta people who might annoy you, albeit in a luxurious way. Here is what could be one of the most expensive daggers ever made. The Guardian Angel is an amazing dagger that costs a whopping $36,000.This folding dagger is made of silver, stainless steel and titanium.

It comes carved, machined and anodized and thanks to all the gold plating it stands erect at a hot length of 11 inches. If you do not have a tool to match the size, you could at least carry a dagger that measures 11 inches. Size really matters and when it is an expensive dagger like this, it really should shut people when they start talking about your flimsy size. Give this as a gift to your less endowed man or keep it for yourself as a weapon of self-defence.


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