iPod Earphone Neaklace: A Perfect Gift for Music Lovers

If you are the kind of person who would always be seen with an iPod or an MP3 player, chances are most of your friends bitch about you looking uncool with those earphones always hanging around your neck. They can’t be blamed either because when you dress well, you can’t afford to mar your looks by wearing a geeky earphone all the time.

Here is how you could find a remedy to that problem. Nathan Thomas has come up with a cool new limited edition necklace which doubles up as iPod earphones. It is apparently a replica so I doubt it would function as earphones but they certainly do look awesome. The necklace is available at Oye Modern, an online shop based in Australia.

The artist is based in Sydney and he must be well aware of people’s craze for iPods and iPhones. The ubiquitous iPod earphones can now be worn as pendants thanks to his creative thinking. All I wish is, the necklace actually functioned as an earphone! However, there is no information about it functioning so it just must be a replica that looks really chic. Get one immediately!


Via: Design Milk


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