Insect Jewelry: Golden Moths, Platinum Beetles and Diamond Insects for $17,900 Onwards

People have always been fascinated by insects much as they hate them. Most of us dread the thought of walking into a hornet’s nest or even the slightest presence of a mosquito can rustle up our primeval fear of insects which is quite evolutionary in nature. Chinookhugs at Etsy has designed some amazing insect inspired jewelry which are made from solid 18 carat gold and brilliant diamonds.

These insect jewellery are reminiscent of art movements such as art nouveau, retro and are quite steampunk and gothic in nature. The 18 carat Gold moth comes with 8 diamonds and very old amber from the prehistoric times, which makes the jewellery far more attractive than regular and boring jewellery you might find in ritzy places like Paris or London. Platinum Beetles, Gold Insects, moths etc are made of rubies, diamonds, blue diamonds and sapphires.

They are intended to produce the “wow” effect among people and some might actually say “eek”. However, if you are into steampunk and gothic stuff and if you get bored of the ordinary, you should really consider these Insect jewellery which begin at $17,900. Go ahead and show the world that you are no boring person to wear floral designs.

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