Emotion Lab Unveils Urban Space Divider Concep

The Emotion Lab’s Inside Urban Collection is something to gasp at in wonder. The style, the aesthetics and the functionality makes the line really cool and admirable.

The Space Divider belongs to that collection and it helps to serve as a barrier to people if they are in danger of stepping on something dangerous, like an open hole. Moreover, the Space Divider allows you to shift between see-through and opaque. If you need privacy when you are doing something, you could use it with the shutters and if you want to show off or create a sort of intimacy, you could leave it open and not shut the shutters.

There is no further information about when or how this product would be released to the public but I have a feeling it would sell like hot cakes in urban areas. Even in the hose, you could use it to create a barrier when you are working in the garden or perhaps in the patio. Its style and versatility makes it a really cool design and the Emotion Lab has really proved itself that its great reputation in the field of design has not gone wasted.

space divider-3
space divider-1

space divider-2

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