CuteCircuit’s Extraordinary Galaxy Dress Will Help You Light Up The Evening

LED is much appreciated, be it in eco-friendly electronics or on your clothes. It doesn’t matter, we just love to see it everywhere! LED clothing really isn’t anything new for we have seen the likes of glow fur coats, LED tops and brassieres. But so far, these clothes were seen to be the forte of techie geeks alone. However, thing will change now. The London based designer duo CuteCircuit has taken matter in their hands to create a spectacular Galaxy Dress.

It took the winners of the Best Inventions of 2006 Award by Time Magazine for their Hug shirt close to 24,000 full color LEDs to design their new trend. Already being claimed as the largest wearable display in the world, the Galaxy Dress is quite a sight. It has been made from silk and then embedded with full-color LEDs. But this has been done without letting go og the comfy feel of the dress. The LEDs are like flat paper and measure only 2 by 2 mm.

CuteCircuit designers, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz say that they have kept the circuits extra-think and flexible. These have been hand embroidered on the layer of silk such that it lets the LED fabric to stretch while behaving like normal fabric in lightness and fluidity. Several iPod batteries power this dress. These have enough charge to keep you glowing for a good 30 minutes.

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