Bentley’s Child Seat Makes For A Great Addition To Your Beloved Car

Christmas is just a month away, and so this is just the right time for brands to launch their festival specials. Take Bentley for instance, that has just released its new selection of child seats that go pretty well with the Flying ‘B’. Well, the colors of the seat are the same as the rest of the car interior, hand-stitching included.

So you get a very bright combination of black and red that not only keeps your child safe and comfy but looks good too. We are quite glad to see this product by Bentley for most of the brand’s, and its peers’, creations are meant for the grown up world only. Not many think of the young turks that we want to pass the car-lover bloodline to.

Again, Bentley has not only created a very smart design solution but also lets luxury take a front seat. Now, parents can get their child’s name embroidered on the seat back beneath the Bentely wings. Equipped with such gear, we think you can be quite sure that your li’l one will take on the car-frenzy quite early in life!

Via carscoop

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