PS3 Lovers Now Get A Chance To Play Gold

Video games might be a luxury for avid gamers but as far as the luxury market is concerned, they are nothing special. Perhaps, someone (a die-hard gamer, maybe) wanted to prove this belief wrong and so decided to cover the¬ Play Station¬ gaming console with gold all over. Yes, referred to as the PS3 slim, this one has been dipped in 24 carat gold. And that is not all for there are controllers that have had their fair share of 24K gold too.

We think this one would possibly be counted among the most expensive video game consoles in the world ever. The credit for it goes to Computer Choppers who have decided to go with a limited edition of only¬ five of these. And because of this very smart marketing strategy, the PS3 Slim has become ever so popular.

Though there is not word on the pricing yet, but we do have a feeling that some rich Sheik from the Middle East might just buy them all for his extended family. Jokes apart, hurry if your are really keen on getting this one. The item is numbered but the customers are not.

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