Ducati, Yet Again Goes The Electric Biking Way!

In the near future, Ducati might not just only be a car for the rest of us? A recent buzz tells us that it is also going to be an electrically-assisted pedal bike manufactured by the same brand mogul in a partnership with Italian company Italwin. Dubbed the City of Pearl, this Eco-friendly mode of transportation will be available in both men’s and women’s styles. Come January, and you can lay your hands on this one at most Ducati dealerships across Europe.

And to our surprise, the City of Pearl isn’t the first two-wheeler that Ducati came up with. In fact, its predecessor is known as Cucciolo and very few are aware of its existence. But this one had a small four-stroke engine that was attached to the bicycle frame.


Here are the specs on the City of Pearl. This one is all set to compete with the electric bicycles thaks to its six-volt 9Ah Panasonic lithium ion battery pack. Then there is the front-mounted 250W brishless electric motor that can propel the bike to 24 kilometers per hour. So, go ahead and enjoy being an adventurer the Eco-friendly way!

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