Rijeka Sees Avant-Garde Zamet Centre

3LHD architects have built a massive architectural edifice in Rijeka, Croatia. Croatia is a surprisingly chic architectural hotbed where avant-garde designs are seen more frequently than in many Western European cities like Amsterdam or Barcelona. The massive Zamet Centre covers an area of 16,000 square meters and comes with a large sports hall, community offices, library and 13 retail and service spaces.

The building has a ribbon like structure which move towards the south and north. The concept was inspired by a rock that is found in the region. The interiors are flexible and it can be used for sporting events, conferences, concerts and just about anything. When the building is illuminated it looks really great. Perhaps that is something that one must consider while appreciating the beauty of buildings.


If you ever visit Croatia, do make sure you get out of Zagreb and visit Rijeka so that you could get a glimpse of this amazingly experimental and avant-garde architectural endeavour. Croatian government has been very keen to build edifices that are postmodern and that which diverts the attention from bullet ridden buildings which bring back memories of a troubled past just a decade ago.


Via: Design Boom

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