Radiator Chair by Jeroen Wesselink Ushers Winter

There is nothing better than a cheerfully painted chair during these cold wintry months when all you would want to do is sit in a place wearing warm clothes. If you have a garden in your house, you could place the chair in a good location and enjoy the mist, the chill and the beauty of the winter before it gets too cold and stars to snow.

The Radiator Chair by Jeroen Wesselink is an attractive piece of furniture that I would certainly recommend try getting. Painted bright yellow it was bui9lt from scratch using the radiator and the guy even has uploaded a video which makes it super cool to try doing it yourself at home.

If you are good at carpentry and other such manly stuff, you could try and build something like this cool chair yourself. I would say the chair is slightly small for two people to sit and hence you would need to get at least two of this amazing chair. Furniture has never been associated with bright colours traditionally but designs such as this makes it all the more cool to buy brightly coloured furniture. There is no information about the price or availability.

Via: Design Milk

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