Mobile Airload: A Cellphone that Purifies Air

Ju Young Kim has designed a cellphone that apparently purifies air. In fact this could be the world’s first air purifying cellphone that also protects the users from air pollution and viruses. The Mobile Airload also emits a very pleasing aroma that makes the user’s environment smell good regardless of the person using a perfume or not.

The Mobile Airload also detects the air quality and warns you if something is going wrong in the vicinity of your location. There is no information about the cellphone’s price or availability. There is also no word on what kind of technical specifications the phone comes with. I would say, go ahead and get yourself a cool cellphone and carry some air fresheners with you, if you cannot lay your hands on this cellphone.


In my opinion, concepts like this rarely make it to the market because of the technical difficulties in mass manufacturing them. Nevertheless, it is an interesting concept and deserves a lot of praise. Who knows, in the future this might become a reality too! So let us just wait till we hear some good news.


Via: Trend Hunter

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