Mavizen Unveils 130 Mph Bike with Wi-Fi and Web Browser

Sometimes all that you would ever want to do in life is to take a ride on the highway on your bike and speed away forgetting all the miseries and worries of the world. However, bikes need a lot of gasoline and that is not really good for our environment. Thus, you would need to consider the implications of using a gasoline bike and avoid using it altogether.

A better choice is to buy an electric bike that is cool, futuristic and fast enough for the average highway. Mavizen has launched their 130 mph electric bike that not only looks awesome but is also pretty futuristic. It comes with a built in web surfer, Wi-Fi and Linux. Imagine if you could stay online when you are riding on those desert highways!

However, you would need a Wi-Fi connection in order to be able to browse Internet while on this bike. The TTX02 buy Mavizen is being touted as the laptop on wheels, and I am sure you would love to have it for yourself too. The bike can be customized to suit your need and you could perhaps get the latest software installed as well! It however costs a prohibitive $41,300.


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