Briz Water Based AC: Don’t They Already Exist in Cities Like Delhi?


When it is summer it is common to see people using a lot of ACs in order to keep themselves cool. While doing so, they may realize that they are running up huge bills of electricity and also leaving a huge carbon print behind them.

Thus, the Briz Solar powered Air-Conditioner uses water as a coolant and the water mist is used to humidify and cool the room in an easy and natural method. However, unfortunately for designers Nari Kim and Pullip Lim, the water based air conditioners are used widely in New Delhi already. Most people who cannot afford to use electrical air conditioners get a water based air conditioner.

Moreover, these water based air-conditioners that work on a similar technique do not necessarily work as efficiently as an electric one would. If Briz works better than the ones I have seen in New Delhi, I would say it is a great idea. Otherwise, it is neither a novel concept nor something that is good enough to be used. Of course, the pictures seem to reveal that the Briz would look much better than the ugly and bulky ones that are found in India.


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