Media Chair Is Too Cool To Remain A Concept

Whoever said that getting the kind of music that makes you want to shake your booty or lull you into the land of the most wondrous dreams while also providing the kind of comfort that your lovely body deserves, is not possible is so very wrong! Great music quality and luxury in furniture comes together in this age, especially when you have designers like Martin Emila who dares to think chic.

The Media Chair knows just what you need and will give you the best in sound quality. The chair is fitted with speakers so strategically located that you do not just receive the music but would feel that you have been embedded within the musical notes itself! A touchpad on the armrest ensures you need not travel away from the chair to change the music or any other settings.

The Media Chair offers different possibilities for interested buyers in terms of selecting the colour of the fantastically designed chair. You can even choose the type and colour of the upholstering on the chair. Unfortunately, after making all those choices, it would be hard to get your hands on because this car is just a concept.

Via: Dvice

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