Sleep While You Stand With Vertical Bed

How often have you caught sleep on that train to work, while you hung on to a rod? Or wished you could fall asleep after a tired day’s work somewhere on the road without hurting yourself?

Did you know you can fall asleep standing now? It is true. Coming to the aid of those suffering from sleep deprivation woes is Vertical Bed frame which collapses into a brief case. How does it exactly work?

All you need to do is, to attach this Vertical Bed to the subway ventilation grill, and it will support your body weight with ease. The package has noise-cancelling headphones, opaque sunglasses, and a free standing umbrella.

You can shut your eyes with no disturbances at all. You don’t even have to lie down or squeeze yourself into a seat for those precious winks.

Vertical Bed was tested at Broadway and 33rd Street in New York for a 40 minute nap at 6 pm. The individual’s naps were repeated at four hour intervals in a polyphasic sleep schedule. He could smell the cologne of passersby and dreamed of a subversive van. It is made with the help of LMCC’s Swing Space Program.

Vertical Bed

The only questions one has with the equipment is, about the safety of surroundings when a person chooses to doze off, as also the embarrassing looks of passersby after a sleep stint.
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Vertical Bed

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