Playstation Coffee Table is for Gaming Geeks

Furniture comes in all kinds of shapes and styles. It comes with whacky material thinking too.

Stephane Perruchon has used such thinking and gone ahead to design a coffee table inspired by a playstation, the base of which is made up of two huge PS3 controllers. The table is complete with two handles made of ABS and also decorated with the buttons. And is sure to remind you of those countless hours you spent with the joystick and indulged in some virtual fantasy.
It is available only in black and white versions, so go ahead and design your room d├ęcor around it. The table may be worth the effort for all you know.┬ He sure must have been a gaming enthusiast himself at some point.
Call that a geeky table if you want. But the thoughtfully designed piece can enliven your room with a super cool feel. Or still better, make it look like a dorm room. For, while the table is delicately stylish, it is very sturdy too.
Stephane Perruchon had earlier designed hanging the design cool Babylon fireplaces which were great.

Via: Stephane Perruchon
Playstation Coffee Table

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