Nike Pro Combat Keeps Jocks Happy and Dry

The last time you went to play with the boys, one of them might have got a little too frisky and kicked you in the groins. That must have hurt a lot, and if it didn’t you must have been wearing an armour made of iron! Well, if you do not like to protect your itsy-bitsies behind an iron shield, you could very well buy these awesome Nike Pro Combat undergarments.

They can be used by all kinds of players, whether soccer stars, basketball stars or whatever else. They cost between $21 to $80 and I am not sure if the price depends on the wearer’s size. They are made from Dri-Fabric which will keep you happy and dry, while you are playing of course. They also allow freedom of movement, and the hard plates and foam cells protect your junk from those evil men around you.

Of course, you would also feel snug and comforted and you would be able to concentrate on the game better. It really doesn’t matter how they look because you would be wearing shorts on them. Only if you like showing yourself off too much in the locker room, you might not like these lengthy undergarments. Oh well, you could always remove them.

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