Vampire Skin Therapy for Robert Pattinson’s Look

Vampires have long been known to have a ruddy complexion, and some a pale complexion. The myths actually depend upon the one who is telling the story. Apparently, if a vampire has just sucked blood, he/she would have a ruddy and crimson complexion. However, famished vampires might have a pale and white complexion.

Robert Pattinson had amazingly sexy pale complexion and that did not make him any less appealing. Moreover, vampires are undead, and they do not age. They remain the way they are ruddy or pale. They do not have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines. With that in mind, here is the “Dracula Therapy” for skin which promises immortal skin minus the pale complexion.


The S3 Therapy, which is short for Stimulated Self Serum skin therapy, has been launched by London-based French cosmetic doctor Daniel Sister. The process involves injecting your face with your own blood. It repairs scars by stimulating DNA, and makes wrinkled and lacklustre skin appear younger. If you would like to look as hot as Robert Pattinson, you might as well get the Dracula Therapy for your skin. I am sure most of us would rather have Robert Pattinson’s blood injected into our faces instead of our own.


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