Bling H2O Christmas Collection: The World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Water

They say water is the most essential liquid in the world, and they are still underestimating the importance of water. Water could be more precious than even diamonds and precious metals when there is scarcity. This life giver is certainly not getting a good deal with all the pollution, abuse of water resources and of course with all the careless usage of water.

Thus, one needs to know its value and how luxurious a drop of water can be when there is a dearth of it. Here is the world’s most expensive water which would be sold in limited quantities for Christmas 2009. The Bling H2O Christmas Collection is being touted as the world’s most expensive bottle of water and comes in two versions, Swarovski Crystal and opaque green, red or red and white decorated.

The water is pumped out from 800 metres below Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, USA. The water can be purchased from gourmet shops El Corte English and other places. Get the world’s most expensive bottle of water and show the world how luxurious water can actually be some time down the line.

Via: Embelezzia

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