Zenith Unveils El Primero, A Cool New Watch

If you are the kind of person who would travel a lot and would need to be alerted every time you are somewhere important, you might have to readjust your time again and again, and also readjust the alarm based on the local time.

Now that is one hell of a job isn’t it? You might as well purchase this cool watch unveiled by Zenith. It comes with 41 jewels and is called eloquently, El Primero. It comes with world timers and you could adjust the time to the city you are in and it looks like the globe as well. At one end of the clock is the American Cities and at the other end are the Asian cities.

It comes with an alarm complication, chronograph, bog date, power reserve indicator and also the much needed world timer alarm clock. This is so confusing yet so beautiful and thus brings back that great philosopher’s quote “incomprehensible remains incomprehensible” to our minds. You could contact the company and get the watch for yourself, and it also looks really good. In my opinion, it is one of the most stylish watches ever.

Via: Acquire Mag

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