Ford Truck BBQ Grill Is For Keeps If You Have The Moolah To Afford It

Technology has indeed taken BBQ grills to newer levels, but this time we spotted creativity doing a real slick job with the whole outdoor cooking regime. And in all fairness, we are completely blown away by it. First, it was the barbecue train followed by Dragon BBQ grills but even those could not satiate the hunger for more styles, and so the pistol-shaped BBQ grill was born. This time it is a truck, or should we say Ford truck to be precise, that is at your service to cook up some crunchy meats and breads for you on the go.

This one comes decked with all the high-tech gadgets giving one the ultimate in tailgating. In fact, it might just remind you of the Fire Truck grill that was launched last year. Well, the two are different and you will know once you take a look at the Ford Truck grill’s price tag which is a huge $15,000.

There isn’t any word on the specs of this beauty. All we know is that it is up for sale on eBay and is looking to add a certain magic to all your outdoor eating sessions. You will definitely rule with this one.

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