Wireless USB Digital Microscope Is Amazingly Convenient

You might have come across tiny microscopes that can be connected to the USB and used. However, the very fact that you need a USB limits the number of situations where you could use the microscope. Here is a cool Wireless USB Digital Microscope.

What makes this product different is that you do not have to lug your desktop where you need to use the microscope! This way, you can use the microscope in a number of places even where you can’t physically pull your USB cable. The microscope uses 2.4 GHz wireless signal and it comes with 8 white LEDs. It adds illumination to the object that you are trying to magnify. The built-in Li-ion battery provides the microscope with all the power one needs.

It is available at ThinkGeek for $139.99 and is one of the coolest gadgets that you could buy for yourself. It is an amazingly convenient device which allows you to go ahead and magnify all that things that you have always wanted to. In fact, if you are working on any kind of project either biological or even electronic, you could use this Wireless Microscope to satisfy your needs.

Via: Oh Gizmo

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