Saleen Unveils Luxrious Mustang Design

The Mustang is an all American car that has been made famous by Ford. The car almost represents the automobile culture of the people from the other side of the Atlantic. It is known for its compact nature and the speed which it delivers.

Even after many decades of its launch, people are still designing cars that resemble the Mustang in some way or the other. Here is a cool and luxurious conceptual car by Mustang-experts over at Saleen. The S281 comes with an amazing body and the deep red colour only makes it irresistible. If you were to take on the highways with a car that is definitively powerful yet compact, you would choose this amazing S281 Mustang.

Unfortunately, it is still a concept and it might take a while for us to know if this car is ever going to hit the markets. Meanwhile, you could try and get a Mustang for yourself and take a drive along the highways, and who knows! You just might be able to purchase the Mustang S281 by Saleen when you return from your road trip! I would so love to get this car for myself.

Via: Acquire Mag

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