Airboard For New Game Thrills

It’s called Airboard, from Arbortech. And is a new thrill in sporting. Adjust your balance, change your weight from one side to another, and you can turn from 180º to 360º. The new gadget can take you to unimagined fun. Simply ride it, or try twists and moves, it promises fun. It is apparently, identical to those used at Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Airboard is a petite gasoline powered personal hovercraft or a propeller driven vehicle, that has an electric start. Start it up, hop on board, adjust the throttle and move on. Its makers say it is easy to control, maintain and ideal for riders who are aged above 14 years.

The handle bar has two levers, one to lift the engine speed and another to thrust. By bending backwards, a small propelling wheel at the rear of the vehicle can be used to touch the ground to help accelerate the hovercraft.

Airboard Hovercraft To turn left, lean left. To turn right, lean to the right. To stop, let go of controls. The machine or engine to propel it is a four stroke petrol engine. Airboard can move on mown grass, asphalt, pavement, or any surface with no stones and litter.

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Airboard Hovercraft Arbortech

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